This week,  I had the pleasure of meeting Darryl Nguyen and he is two weeks away from obtaining his Bachelors in Human Development. I told him that it was my last semester as well and he asked me why I took this class. We ended up having the same reason, which was that we only needed two more classes to fulfill our degree requirements, but we took a full schedule in order to receive financial aid for this semester. We had both heard that Art110 was an easy class so here we were. Darryl wants to continue his education and wants to do his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy here at CSULB. He currently works with children who have autism and he thoroughly enjoys it.

The question of the week was to describe school in 2036.

Both Darryl and I agreed that in twenty years, school is definitely going to be more technology-based but we hope that it is not entirely online. The point of school is to network, socialize, and express your individuality and we both felt that having 100% online classes will limit those personal interactions.  We also thought that in order to apply to colleges, they will take you into account as a person meaning that they will want to see your websites, projects, and accounts as well as your exam scores and grades. It is hard to imagine how much will change in the school system in twenty years–but also to pinpoint what we think will remain the same even after two decades.


Here is Darryl’s website!