This week I met Amy Becerra! Amy is a freshman here at CSULB and she is majoring in Computer Science. The question of the week was concerning fan art. Demi Lovato had a controversial reaction to a piece of art a fan created inspired by her. When we discussed the topic, Amy and I had similar views upon it.

It had been in the media that Demi Lovato had been bullied when she was younger and even suffered from bulimia-and still publicly struggles with her body image. This is the reason why Amy said she may have overreacted and made such a huge deal regarding the fan art since her features were definitely exaggerated (because she was drawn as a mermaid) and it was probably triggering that a fan drew her body in a way that she wishes it looked like. Amy stated that she should be thankful that a fan was so inspired to make a tribute as the piece of art was because her fans have feelings too. Amy and I both saw where each side was coming from and it was definitely a difficult situation to deal with, especially publicly.


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