I decided to give my art care package to my friend Nancy. Nancy is a really good friend of mine and she enjoys making art. I decided to give her my art care package because she is always stressed from work and art helps her calm her down. The art supplies I included were:

  • glitter pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • mini pom poms
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • mini clothespins
  • artsy postcards
  • flowers
  • polaroid film for her camera
  • wine

I included these items because they are what I use when I decorate my room and I feel like she would love to do the same. I enjoy making collages of photos I have with my friends and making art that I can hang around my room. Nancy recently painted her room and is looking to cover her walls with new pieces to give her a different and new feel when she walks into her room. I hope she is able to come up with cute pieces for her room…..all while enjoying some wine.