I visited the Getty Museum with my best friend this past Sunday. I had been missing out on some BFF time & so we were excited to spend a few hours looking at all the art the museum had to offer.

I had never been to the Getty before, so I was completely lost once we arrived but everyone working/volunteering there was very friendly and helpful! The buildings were organized by time periods and even with that information, it took us about an hour to find this painting! And let me tellllll you, seeing a photo of this painting does not do it justice. The details were amazing and while I was there I learned more about the painting and it was actually based on the Odyssey–which I remember watching in middle school. Overall, the painting was very large and beautiful and I enjoyed being able to see this incredible piece in person.

The entire museum was beautiful and there were many tourists who make sure to check out the Getty when they spend time here in Los Angeles. My best friend and I learned a lot and had a really good time together even though I don’t think we took a photo together.


I definitely want to visit the Getty again because this day that I went I had to work very early in the morning and we went to the museum right after I was out. I want to go again on a Sunday where I don’t have to work and I am well-rested so that I can enjoy the museum and the gardens a lot more.