This week I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Sanchez at the Japanese Garden. She transferred from East LA College and is in the pre-nursing program and she is excited to be back on track with her schooling. We were actually wearing similar outfits that day and our glasses were similar as well, that was pretty cute. We got to know each other a little better by asking each other what some of our ‘faves’ are and Claudia’s favorite food is pasta because she feels that it is a very warm and comforting food that is easy to make and for me, I felt the same way because my fave food is lasagna!

During the semester, both Claudia and I like to focus on school and school only. We talked about the hardships of school and our dense majors and how we are so lucky to have amazing and supportive friends and family that are helping us achieve our goals. However, when she’s not busy studying she likes to travel, take road trips and go to the beach! Caludia’s favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and coffee ice cream, even though she cannot stand hot coffee–which is definitely my choice of drink (I have like 6 cups a day).

One art piece that Claudia would like people to appreciate is music. She feels that music has helped her get through a lot of hardships and you need it in order to feel. Music is very powerful and she wants everyone to understand that it is an art form that everyone can enjoy and have different taste in. When I asked her if she would be supportive of her child (someday) wanting to pursue a career in the arts, she pondered a little but and she said she would be supportive but she wants to make sure that down the line, her son or daughter is able to support him/herself in the future. So she would definitely make sure to give him/her a reality check! My phone died because I forgot my charger that day but we both agreed that Snapchat is our favorite app on our phones and that we both check email pretty frequently throughout the day.

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