For this week’s activity, I decided to make a zine. I was very confused as to what exactly what we were supposed to do, I had the longest week of my life and only had a couple hours of sleep throughout the week because my coworker had a family emergency and I had to cover for him at work and go to school as well…ANYWAYS, I was not excited about the zine project because I really didn’t want to do it.

But then I began brainstorming when I took a study break from Microbiology and remembered something I really like drawing and it’s roses. Last year, I mentored a 1st grader named Ana and Mann Elementary School and she loved to color. She taught me how to draw an easy but very pretty rose and I was so amazed that a 6-year-old could draw roses as well as she did. They’re so pretty! And so I decided to make my zine about roses.


I drew some roses on the cover and on some of the pages and they were pretty but then I had flashbacks to biochemistry and that we learned about the mechanisms of photosynthesis and decided to include that in my zine too because it relates to flowers. For my major, we really don’t focus on plants in general (and I always disliked learning about plants too) but I randomly remembered the pathway from which plants convert sunlight into ATP, which is used for energy and powering subsequent pathways.


I also included a poem by Tupac titled “The Rose that Grew From Concrete.”


All in all, making a zine wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was nice to rake a break from studying for my two midterms next week use different colored markers to draw o:)