I was pretty excited about this week’s activity because I had never spray painted before. Originally, I was going to make a trip down to Venice Beach but I was very sick this week so I decided to stay local. Because I was sick, my mom wanted me to go to her house so she could give me medicine so I stopped by on Saturday. While I was in the area, I asked my brother to go with my to Sunken City so I could get my art activity done with as well.

Sunken City is a place where kids go to drink, smoke, and paint. It is a really beautiful place because it is the result of a landslide that happened a really long time ago where PCH broke off and the concrete keeps sinking each year. It overlooks the water and it is a really nice view of the city of San Pedro. I’ve gone there with my friends previously but I had never painted and I was intimidated because honestly, there are some really really nice paintings on the rocks there.

My brother and I got there and there were a lot of people their hanging out with their friends and there were even people there having photoshoots which was cool. We wondered a little, but I was FREAKING out because of course I would bring sandals to the most rockiest and uneven place on Earth………..but anyways, it took me a while to find a rock with no writing on it ( I didn’t want to destroy someone else’s art with mine) and I think it turned out pretty cool! I should have experimented with the spray caps though because I found the wide one towards the end! Graffiti writing was pretty easy and I feel like it gave me an adrenaline rush because I just wanted to do more and more art while I was there (but I was super sick and it was really windy so my trip was short).



btw, adreeezy is my nickname but I decided to write ‘dreeezy for short! 🙂