This week our art activity was a rather intimidating one, actually. I had no idea how the drawing was going to end up because I didn’t know how to start. My ex boyfriend, Andrew -_-, offered to help me with each art project for this class since he really enjoys making art. Sooooo, originally we had planned on having a glass of wine and sitting together while we talked while we carried out the project. However, we each had spent the entire day studying and did this project during a study break. I put on Pandora and it happened to be on the Beyonce station (yay Queen Bey!). Anyways, we closed our eyes and went to work while the Beyonce station played out loud.

The four songs we drew to were as follows:

Drunk in Love – Beyonce (ironic, I know but whatever)

How Bout Now – Drake

Daddy Lessons – Beyonce

U With Me? -Drake


What we noticed was that Beyonce had us making a lot of circles while Drake had us making different lines back and forth since the beat changed more on his songs than it did on Beyonce’s. We used three colors–green, yellow and black. We thought it looked really cool after three layers of pastel/three songs. We used one color per song and ended it with black so that it would stand out against the lighter colors in the previous layers.

One major issue we kept having was that the pastel chalks broke off very easily and we had to stop in order to have a better grip on it and/or replace the pastel. Maybe we had too much pressure on the pastel because my hand even cramped up during the process.

It was a pretty cool project, and I remember making automatic drawings when I was little and coloring all the spaces with different colors, I just didn’t know there was a name for that. Lol. Overall, this experience was cool although I would have preferred having wine beforehand but I’m a responsible woman with straight priorities because I have a Microbiology midterm next Tuesday and an Immunology midterm next Thursday (funsies!! :().