This week, at the SOA, I had the pleasure of meeting Faisal Alotaibi. He is a freshman and he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I asked him if he liked college so far and he said that he did like it but only 50/50. The reason he likes it is because he’s taking a class that he thinks is really fun, which is Theatre113. The major reason that he doesn’t enjoy college is because he is taking a math class at 8am and he is definitely not a morning person. He told me that he gets home from his afternoon classes and goes to sleep as if it were night time and then wakes up around 11 only to stay awake and go to class at 8am. I thought this was definitely different and taking extreme measures for morning class. He also had a really bad experience last year involving a professor he is taking this semester. Faisal is from Saudia Arabia so he is studying abroad, last year was supposed to be his freshman year but his English professor dropped him from her class because he didn’t attend (it was a morning class, of course). Faisal was kicked out school and had to leave the country and wasted a year of his educational career.

Faisal asked me what I did over summer and I told him that I broke my ankle this summer. He also told me that he broke his arm about two year ago and he really enjoyed that time in his life because he evaded homework responsibilities.


Unfortunately, because of the new setting of the SOA, Faisal and I forgot to take a photo together and I only realized this as I was typing this up T_T I’m so sorry and it won’t happen again.

Fasial also doesn’t have a link to his blog……or else I’d include it on this line.