This week I spoke to Jazmin and she’s a second year Psychology major. She is the third person in her family to attend CSULB and she’s very proud to be a 49er! She also loves dogs because she has three and she loves them all dearly. I told her I would like to own a dog as soon as I move out of my apartment and she definitely recommended that I get a small one since her are all big dogs and are a bit harder to take care of.

While we pondered about the assigned question we both felt like art was important to the world but it wasn’t very important to us as individuals. We concluded that neither of us knew about famous artists or went to art shows/museums very often. But the more we talked the more we realized that art is all around us and it is significant in our everyday lives. For example, we talked about different ways art can be expressed. One art form Jazmin and I were familiar with was makeup, I love drawing in the wings with eyeliner every morning while getting ready for work–it’s my signature look and I change it up every day depending on how I’m feeling and whether I’d like to have long wings or go for a more casual look. Jazmin brought up that fashion was art too and that the outfits she chose to wear everyday were unique and expressed herself as an individual but was still very influenced by the fashion industry which is also another art outlet–high fashion. Jazmin also enjoys listening to music which, again, is another art form. The more we talked and thought about the question, the more we realized that art is all around us even if we don’t think it is and that it is very important to the world. It keeps us inspired and it helps us express ourselves in many different ways whether we realize it or not.