image1 (9)image1 (11)Drowning my Sorrows.

I was really excited about this activity because I felt like I could finally do something to express myself, which is something I had been wanting to do for some time now. My boyfriend for two years broke up with me about a month ago and it hurt me tremendously. He was my first true love and I couldn’t imagine my life without him because I thought he was the one. We had lived together and we had been through so much in those years we shared. The week after he broke up with me I felt like I was literally drowning with emotions and everything reminded me of him or memories we shared, etc. I had never felt a heartbreak like this and I didn’t think I would ever overcome the feelings and depression I was dealing with.

I feel like this is not a representation of what I was feeling when I was ‘drowning’ in my sorrows, but I feel like this represents how I am feeling now. I understand why it didn’t work out with Andrew and I got closure from him so I am feeling a lot better about the situation. I feel at peace. I did drown figuratively but now I am content with myself and I feel like I let that piece of me that was so attached and heartbroken drown but I kept myself as a person afloat. I am focusing on myself and doing things that benefit me as an individual instead of stressing myself out and thinking about what would be good for my relationship. I am being selfish and taking care of myself and focusing on what I need to do to make myself happy and reach my goals.

BTW it was soooo hard to pose underwater because I kept floating away from the edge! Also, I wish I had a better camera than my iPhone but still, I think that the photos look pretty darn cool and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! 🙂

Picture credit: Nancy Castelan