Today I decided to try out the plaster activity for this class, and I was pretty excited to see how this project would end up. The guy in the pictures above is my friend Andrew and he will be my photographer/helper for this semester.

I randomly had to work this morning at 4am so as soon as I was out of work, I came to the beach to de-stress and have a little fun with plaster. I decided to make the holes where the plaster would go in before I made the plaster itself so that the plaster wouldn’t dry up before I used it (as was advised in class). The first mold I did was a peace sign using my hand. It was a pretty simple shape and it was really easy to take my hand out from the sand. The only trouble I had was that sand would accumulate in the palm of my hand and when I tried taking my hand out I felt like I destroyed my mold when I hadn’t.

I tried making a jewelry/ring-holder inspired mold using my hand as my second project. Previous to this shape, I had tried making a ‘westside’ mold but that did not work out well since it has extremely difficult to take my index finger and pinky out of the sand at an angle without having the sand collapse in. I was excited for this one because I felt like it would be practical if it did end up working out.

Andrew made a mold of his face. I ,however, am not a big fan of sand on my face so I did not attempt that. Next, I made the plaster which was surprisingly easy and filled all our molds with plaster. The water was coming up higher and higher but the plaster was able to set for about 20 minutes before the water reached our plaster molds. At first I was distraught because I thought it had ruined all of our hard work but it actually made it easier for us to dig up our plaster molds.

All of the molds came out really well with only a couple chipped fingers. I really like how the ‘jewelry holder’ piece came out and I was amazed that it was so easy to do. I am definitely going to try this project out again in the near future, but first I will try to come up with molds that I can use on an every day basis because I feel like these projects should have more of a purpose than just sitting on my bookshelf.

Until next time!